New Bulletin in print (and on screen)

Behind the scenes

The new Bulletin is in, and out.


At a whopping 72 pages it's a much bigger magazine than usual, and it's chock full of artist interviews and great reading (despite containing significantly more exclamation marks than I'm comfortable with). 

It's also the place to get all the information about our Populate! programme. So if you're wondering what Ronnie van Hout is pointing at up there on the roof, or what's freaking out the woman in Peter Stichbury's giant portrait, or even why Gregor Kregar's gnomes are so shiny, Bulletin will provide answers.*

Finding the new, flatter, Christchurch a bit disorientating? Then pack a Bulletin and a pair of scisors next time you leave the house. Wayne Youle's Happy Trails pagework will make sure you get home safely. 

Bulletin is available from the Gallery Shop as a lovely printed object that smells pleasingly of fresh ink and good paper for a mere $10. And it's available free from the iTunes store as a rich, colourful and dynamic digital download that smells of... whatever your iPad smells of.


*(Disclaimer - things change fast, so I can't promise they're the 'right' answers. But they might be.)