Populate! update #2 (painting outdoors)

Behind the scenes

The Populate! programme includes some indoor art, of course (Jess Johnson, Tony Oursler, Camp Blood), but there are some sizeable pieces of outdoor art taking shape for our birthday celebration too...

And since outdoor art also has to be weatherproof art, you might expect progress photographs to have an industrial look: factory floors, blokes firing up arc welders, buckets full of graffiti guard, that kind of thing.

But no, not always. Here's a peek into the clean well-lighted room in Auckland where one of the larger artworks in the programme is being made.


The slice of canvas you can see on that easel is painter Peter Stichbury's new work NDE.

It is both as big as you see it here (about 84 centimetres by 120 centimetres, that is) and a whole lot bigger (try 469 x 700 centimetres).

How does that work? Come back early next week and we'll show you.