Suits you sir

Behind the scenes

Occasionally I read the fashion section in The Press's Wednesday supplement.


On 23 May it featured Garth Gallaway. Garth, a partner in Chapman Tripp, is also on the Christchurch Art Gallery Trust. He and his wife Lisa collect art and we've borrowed a number of their works over the years. Garth's a wine reviewer, cricket commentator (like his father), and is witty (I'm sure it was his idea to title the interview 'Immaculate selection'), warm and a good cook.

I was amused by the interview, but thrilled with his one-word response to the question: I have a passion for...


Being a fan of the artist, I quickly emailed a quiz to the 'best-dressed lawyer in town':

1 Etant donées: what, when and where?
2 LHOOQ: what, when and meaning?
3 Noms-de-plumes or alter egos? Name three of Duchamp's.
4 When did Large Glass break and what was Duchamp's response?
5 With whom did Duchamp play chess in Pasadena in 1963?
6 With whom did Duchamp play chess in Toronto in 1968?
7 From whose collection was the only Duchamp exhibition shown so far in New Zealand? (supplementary: ... and what happened when it was in Christchurch?)
8 Name four New Zealand artists who have clearly used Duchamp as a beginning point?
9 Where and when's the next Duchamp-related exhibition in New Zealand and are you going?
10 JHOOQ: what, when and meaning?

So imagine my surprise when by return email he sent me this link to the source of his passion: http://www.duchamplondon.com/

He said he'd endeavour to answer the quiz, in any event, so I'm waiting. But to add a little incentive, I'll give him – or anyone else who answers first – a voucher from our Gallery Shop for ten correct answers.