One way traffic

Behind the scenes

Madras Street is open again! And we're very pleased about that, as the front door to our Outer Spaces gallery upstairs at NG happens to be on the one-way heading north, so it's even easier for you to get there and see Breathing Space.

In fact, Mayor Bob Parker and CERA chief Roger Sutton even had a cycle race to mark the occasion, though it must be said that Roger was more suitably attired. Anyway, without wanting to contribute to autumnal air pollution or general traffic congestion (Auckland peak-hour ain't got nuthin' on our chicane and cone-ridden streets), it's worth a drive down Madras as it offers all-new views of the crazy inner-city landscape. I came across this near Latimer Square, the side of a building revealed by the demolition of another.


It's strangely artistic, and I couldn't help but be reminded of a couple of works from our collection, Ralph Hotere's Sangro litany and Colin McCahon's prescient Tomorrow will be the same but not as this is.