The Survey

Survey 12 - September 1974

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Contents include
Gerard Dou by T L Rodney Wilson
Lucas van Leyden
William Hogarth by J N Mané
Thomas Rowlandson and David Cox by Brian Muir

Survey 12 - September 1974

The Survey
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The Physician
Gerrit Dou The Physician

Gerrit Dou, a leading figure in Dutch painting ’s Golden Age, was Rembrandt’s first pupil for three years from the age of fourteen in 1628. Before long, he had eclipsed his master’s reputation; his meticulous, highly detailed paintings were prized by the wealthiest collectors.

The Physician’s earliest documented owner is Somerset- born Henry Francis Gray, who reached Port Lyttelton aged eighteen in 1856 and went into farming in Canterbury. 25 years later, Gray was commended in local newspapers for lending this treasure for the Canterbury Society of Arts’ first exhibition in 1881. Passing through family lines, it was bequeathed to the Gallery in 1965 by his great-nephew, the prominent Christchurch architect Heathcote Helmore.

(Treasury: A Generous Legacy, 18 December 2015 – 27 November 2016)