The Survey

Survey 12 - September 1974

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Contents include
Gerard Dou by T L Rodney Wilson
Lucas van Leyden
William Hogarth by J N Mané
Thomas Rowlandson and David Cox by Brian Muir

Survey 12 - September 1974

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The Physician
Gerrit Dou The Physician

Gerrit Dou was a leading figure in Dutch painting during the 1600s – a period often referred to as the Golden Age. A pupil of Rembrandt van Rijn, Dou favoured painting interior scenes and his work is renowned for its minute detail and immaculate finish. In The Physician a learned man examines the contents of a flask thought to contain urine, a test frequently used to diagnose pregnancy in the seventeenth century. Although it is a small painting, it is full of symbolism: the putti playing with a goat in the frieze represents sinful pleasure and the medical book opened on a page featuring a human skeleton leaning against a shovel represents a gravedigger, a memento mori, or reminder of our own mortality.

(New Dawn Fades, November 2018)