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Exhibition: 3 April - 23 May 1999

Catalogue of an exhibition curated by Warren Feeney in association with the Robert McDougall Art Gallery, Gruesome! explores the dynamics of high and low art through the impact of the comic book on the world of fine art. Artists include Dick Frizzell, Violet Faigan, Mark Braunias, Tom Kreisler, Paul Radford, Tony de Lautour, Nicola Jackson, James Robinson, Jimmy Cooper, Saskia Leek, Peter Robinson, Bill Hammond, Jason Greig and Gavin Chilcott

Born Under a Bad Sign by Warren Feeney
Why Art is "@*#I"and Comics are so Fantastic by Tim Bollinger
Art is Easy Comics are Hard - An Interview by Renee Jones with artists Saskia Leek and Violet Faigan


Digitised publications
South Canterbury Artists: a retrospective view
Digitised publications
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Digitised publications
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