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Monica 5 , Summer 1997

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Monica on vacation, issue 5, Summer 1997

Museum without a budget - Frank Startk on an artistic crisis.
Futures trading - Anna Sanderson on East meets West at the New Gallery.
Colonial produce and universal good - Astrid Mania on Inclusion/Exclusion in Austria and Universalis in São Paulo.
Object and metaphoe - Blair French on the Asia Pacific Triennale.
Only the lonely - Dale Frank on  the Asia Pacific Hotel Art Fair,
Secret handshake - Robert Leonard on  RIchard Killeen's Hook Museum at Peter MacLeavey Gallery.
Pimps for chance - Giovanni Intra on Chance: a three day conference in Sydney.
Antonin Artaud Superstar - Catherine Dale on the 100 years of cruelty conference in Sydney.
Planet Bollywood - tessa Laird shares her fasination with Hindi cinema.
Noble trash - Chris Hilliard on King Loser and the cult of retroism.
Can anyting good come out of Hamilton? - Kai Jensen finds artistic solace in the Hub of the Waikato.
Object activity - Douglas Lloyd-Jenkins on new ceramics by Sam Ireland.
Points of contact - Giles Reid on Alvar Aalto at the Auckland Art Gallery and his influence around Auckland city.
Return to sender - Roberta Johnson on New Zealand's contribution ot the Milan Triennale.



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