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AGMANZ Volume 5 Number 4 November 1974

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AGMANZ Volume 5 Number 4 November 1974

Note: PDF also contains AGMANZ News Index to volume IV. Volume 5 number 4 page numbers start from 70.

Contents (pg. 87)

New Zealand news: The Smith Memorial Museum, Picton; Waiuku Museum; E.E. Vaile archaeologist, Auckland Institute and Museum; New director, Auckland City Art Gallery, appointed; Archival board; Peter Webb leaves Auckland City Art Gallery; Bob Ballard to leave Govett-Brewster Art
Gallery; Gisborne Art Gallery and Museum - director; Sarjeant Gallery, Wanganui - registrar; Manawatu Art Gallery - exhibitions assistant; Dunedin Public Art Gallery
The Antiquities Bill 1974
Govett-Brewster Art Gallery, New Plymouth / Robert H. Ballard
Letters to the Editor
Progress towards realisation of an antarctic museum centre for Canterbury Museum / Roger Duff
Comments on the Sarah and William Holmes scholarship / Anne Kirker
Who you should know - Michael Hitchings, Peter Webb
The Queen Elizabeth II Arts Council of New Zealand Act 1974

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