Unbuilt Christchurch

This exhibition is now closed

An exhibition of architectural drawings held in conjunction with the Society of Architectural Historians of Australia and New Zealand Conference, held in Christchurch.

This exhibition will feature architectural drawings of buildings planned for the city but never built. They include plans from as early as 1857, with Benjamin Mountfort's first proposal for Bishopscourt, through to the 1980s.

Highlights will be Cecil Wood's Entrance Tower to Christ's College. R.S.D. Harman's competition design for the Robert McDougall Art Gallery, Mountford's design for Holy Trinity Church Avonside, Peter Beaven's Town Hall, 1966, Warren and Mahoney's design for the City Administration Building where the Park Royal now stands, and Gilbert Scott's first design for the Christchurch Cathedral.

('Unbuilt Christchurch', Bulletin, No.74, June/July 1991, p.3)