Prospect Canterbury '92

This exhibition is now closed

Prospect Canterbury '92 is a survey of contemporary art in Canterbury. It will be installed at both the main gallery and the Annex over the summer, at the same time as the Nicholas Chevalier – an Artist's Journey Through Canterbury in 1866 exhibition.

Prospect Canterbury '92 is an exhibition of artworks produced during 1992 by artists resident in Canterbury. It aims to identify and discuss particular themes and directions in contemporary art-making in the region. The exhibition comprises works by more than fifty artists, and includes painting, sculpture, photography, and printmaking.

The show is related in concept to the Gallery's popular major exhibition of 1990, A Canterbury Perspective. While the earlier exhibition looked to the past, tracing the chronology of Canterbury's art history, Prospect Canterbury '92 looks to the future, including works by a new generation of artists as well as those more established local figures.

The exhibition will provide an exciting opportunity to gauge the range and diversity of art-making in Canterbury today.

('Prospect Canterbury '92', Bulletin, No.82, November/December 1992, p.2)