Manner and Matter: A Study of Contrasts in the Engraving and Etching of van Dyck and van Rijn

This exhibition is now closed

This exhibition of works borrowed from the Auckland Art Gallery and the National Art Gallery was curated in conjunction with the University of Canterbury School of Fine Arts.

This exhibition gave the public and the students an opportunity to make a close study of the original work of Rembrandt and van Dyck. It contrasted the highly personal individual etchings of Rembrandt with the portraits of van Dyck.

It was prepared by students of the University of Canterbury Art History Department who were studying Stage 3 Art History Netherlandish Art c 1580 to c 1675. Students of the Engraving Department, School of Fine Arts prepared etchings and these were printed as public demonstrations on several occasions. Graphic Design students prepared the catalogue, and other printed material together with a static display of photographs. A 25 minute A-V programme was prepared by Art History students.

The van Dyck engravings and etchings were loaned by Dr. Walter Auburn and the Rembrandt etchings by the National Gallery, Wellington.

The exhibition proved very popular – attendances at the Gallery during the exhibition were 9,315, which included 34 school parties.