Through A Different Lens/Film Work By Joanna Margaret Paul


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Film-maker, poet, artist and photographer Joanna Margaret Paul (1955-2003) made quietly observational yet radical work during her lifetime, reflecting on motherhood, domestic life, and the dichotomy between urban spaces and the natural world. 

Commissioned by CIRCUIT Artist Film and Video Aotearoa New Zealand and curated by Peter Todd with the support of Creative New Zealand, Through a Different Lens/Film Work by Joanna Margaret Paul is a programme of recent digital restorations of films shot in the 1970s and early 1980s. Several of the films in this programme were recently premiered by CIRCUIT at the 2015 London Film Festival.


Delaney Davidson Presents Ship of Dreams
Delaney Davidson Presents Ship of Dreams

Delaney Davidson brings you his latest Magic Lightbox installation, Ship of Dreams, his latest suitcase of collections from deepest Romania, Hamburg and the salt marshes of Maldon. Using his unique and compelling live music as the soundtrack to his own short films, woven in the style of David Lynch, Bella Tar and Murnau, Delaney transports us into a flickering realm of Grimms fairy tales, Expressionist cinema, Brechtian epic theatre, forgotten values and lost stories.  Delaney has set up his show with an incredible cast, including members of Hamburg’s esteemed Thalia Theatre, radical photographer Miron Zownir, underground legend Reverend Beatman, long-time film collaborator Chris Martin and emerging playwright and actor Hester Ullyart.

He will also be performing songs from his latest album Shining Day with a hand picked band featuring SJD (who also co wrote songs on the record), friend and collaborator Anita Clark, and multi-talented percussionist Chris O’Connor (Phoenix Foundation). 

“A Chillingly Superb Album” Nick Toczek - R’n’R Magazine. UK “A shining example of great songwriting and undoubtedly an album you'll return to often”. Karl Puschmann - NZ Herald “..these songs rock, roll, get mud all over them, brush it off and start again.” Nick Bollinger - RNZ “I saw him at Womad frighten children.. it was wonderful” Graeme Hill - NZ Herald

Art Makes Me... A Winner!

Art Makes Me... A Winner!

Meet Kylie Hansen from Christchurch. She's the lucky winner of our Art Makes Me selfie competion.