Kees Bruin

Aotearoa New Zealand, b.1954

Hope in the Door I

  • 1991
  • Oil on canvas
  • Purchased, 1996
  • Reproduced with permission
  • 1400 x 970mm
  • 96/71

In the exhibition 'Kees Bruin: Allusion and Illusion', this work was displayed as the right-hand element of a triptych with the following label:

In this triptych, the metal wall represents the age of innocence before humankind’s fall from grace – shown in the marks and dents. It is a barrier between us and God. In the Book of John, 10:6, Christ said ‘I am the Door’, and so Bruin uses the door to symbolise Christ as the way to God. Bruin’s interests include surfing and skateboarding; for him, no matter what the activity, he sees it also as a means of coming to Christ.

Kees Bruin: Allusion and Illusion, 10 February - 7 May 2006

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