John Pule

Niue / Aotearoa New Zealand, b.1962
Niuean, Pasifika

Tokolonga Faoa E Loto He Misi

  • 1995
  • Lithograph
  • Purchased, 1996
  • 760 x 640mm
  • 96/64

The titles of the three works in this series translate as: Pokia (Together), Tokolonga faoa e loto ne misi (Many people in a dream), Pulenoa (Without consent). John Pule uses his art to explore issues of post-colonialism, cultural identity and the richness of Pacific Island visual and oral traditions. The large circle in the central print refers to harmony and balance in life and Pulenoa refers to colonisation in the Pacific. Lithography has proved to be a very suitable medium for Pule because it’s immediacy suits his expressive style of drawing. He incorporates elements of hiapo (traditional Niuean tapa cloth) but his compositions also contain more personal elements that reflect contemporary life. Born in Nuie, Pule arrived in New Zealand in 1964. He studied art briefly in Auckland and began painting full-time in 1987. He has exhibited extensively throughout New Zealand and the Pacific. He has also taught at workshops in Nuie and Fiji, helping artists from other indigenous cultures to extend their vision beyond their traditions toward a new development in Pacific Island visual arts. Pule is also an accomplished writer who has published novels and several volumes of poetry.

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