Jenny Watson

Australia, b.1951

The Bottled Memories III (Blue & Pink)

  • 1988
  • Hand coloured etching and lift ground aquatint
  • Purchased, 1990
  • 700 x 995mm
  • 90/23:38-40

Jenny Watson gained a diploma in painting from the National Gallery of Victoria Art School in 1972 and has worked predominantly with this medium throughout her career. Her work is characterised by simplified, deliberately childlike or naïve imagery, and she draws deeply on her personal experience. In The Bottled Memories suite, Watson locates at the bottom of each bottle a different scene from her memory above which float apparently random letters of the alphabet. These letters could hold the key to the subconscious memories depicted in each print, but leave the viewer guessing in any attempt to decipher their meaning and significance.

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