Raymond McIntyre

Aotearoa New Zealand, b.1879, d.1933

London Street With Shadows

  • c. 1919
  • Oil on canvas
  • Presented by the McIntyre Family, 1951
  • 705 x 610mm
  • 69/98

By 1919, when this work was made, the Christchurch painter Raymond McIntyre had been living and working in London for a decade and the modern post-impressionist style he had adopted in his painting is evident. The view is thought to be from his studio window in the fashionable suburb of Chelsea, and McIntyre captures the energy of the busy street below with spontaneous, calligraphic brushwork.

(New Dawn Fades, November 2018)

Exhibition History

earlier labels about this work
  • It is possible this is a street in Chelsea, which was a popular district for people with an interest in the arts and where Raymond McIntyre had a studio flat. It is one of a series of London street scenes he painted between 1911 and 1926. A Post-Impressionist work, it shows the influence on McIntyre of the Fauve artists Raoul Dufy (1877- 1953) and Henri Matisse (1869 -1954) whose work he became familiar with in London. He was also influenced by Japanese art.

    Born in Christchurch, McIntyre was awarded a bronze medal for a life study when he was a student at the Canterbury College School of Art. He also studied as a private pupil under Petrus van der Velden (1837-1913). McIntyre arrived in London in 1909 and studied at the London City Council Central School of Arts and Crafts. In 1911 he began a long association exhibiting with the Goupil Gallery, then the leading international contemporary art gallery in London. McIntyre died suddenly, aged 54.

    (Label date unknown)