Edwin Aaron Penley

British, b.1828, d.1893

Near Loch Vennacher, 1862

  • 1862
  • Watercolour
  • Sir Leonard Woolley bequest, October 18, 1961. Presented by the National Art Collections Fund, London
  • 190 x 475mm
  • 69/341
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Loch Vennacher is in Perthshire, Scotland, and is one of three lochs joined by three rivers that wind their way across West Perthshire. On the northern bank of Vennacher stands the village of Brig O Turk, with cottages set among steep, wooded hills. This village was the base for many 19th-century artists, among them John Ruskin, John E. Millais, Edwin Penley and his father, Aaron Penley. Like his better-known father, whose style he followed closely, Edwin Penley painted in many parts of Britain, but regularly visited favourite spots in Scotland and Wales. This work is from the collection of Sir Leonard Woolley, a noted British archaeologist, who bequeathed a number of works to the Robert McDougall Art Gallery in 1961. Penley mainly painted watercolour landscapes and exhibited eleven works at the Royal Society of British Artists. The family came from Marylebone, London, and he was active from 1853 to 1890. He lived in London, Cheltenham and Bognor.

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