et al.

that's obvious! that's right! that's true!

  • 2009
  • 135 items, includes: 4 time-based video 1 time-based audio 4 fabricated folding metal voting booths 4 army ground mats 4 wooden fabricated folding projection screens 9 fabricated metal trolleys with wheels 10 foam cushions 10 cardboard templates 9 hoardings Tino Rangatiratanga 27 A0 posters on obverse side metal telescopic poles
  • Purchased with the support of Christchurch City Council's Challenge Grant to the Christchurch Art Gallery Trust, 2010.
  • 2010/049

This multi-part work can be displayed in a variety of ways. These photographs show a part of the work as exhibited in the exhibition "that's obvious! that's right! that's true!" (24 July - 29 November 2009)

Exhibition History