Andō Hiroshige

Japan, b.1797, d.1858

Evening Snow at Asukayama

  • c. 1837-c. 1838
  • Woodcut on paper
  • Gifted to the Gallery by William E Smith, 2003
  • 250 x 380mm
  • 2003/115
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In the exhibition White on White (23 November 2008 - 26 October 2009), this work appeared with the following label:

Asukayama is a place in Tokyo, Japan, famous for its spectacular displays of cherry tree blossoms in spring. Here it is shown buried deep in winter snow in a print by Ando Hiroshige, one of the greatest ukiyo-e woodblock print designers of the nineteenth century. The picture was first made to illustrate a poem. Some questions to think about:

• How much snow can be carried on a very wide hat before the person wearing it falls over? • What do you think the little houses on poles on the hill might be?

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