Keeping it simple

Behind the scenes

Visiting Ooo ooo, a collaboration between Keir Leslie and Tjalling de Vries at North Projects on Bealey Avenue the other day, I came across a great installation workaround.


The thing about presenting video works is that there are now so many options - projection, back projection, flatscreens, monitors. At times, the technology can be so slick that the work is reduced to a secondary consideration. That's why I liked this no.8 wire approach, where a digital camera (which, in times dominated by flashy camera phones, looks endearingly old school) was simply perched on the wall on a couple of nails, ready to be played at the touch of a button. This solution fit perfectly with the style of the footage, which was handheld and low-key with minimal editing. Elsewhere in the gallery, another simple but effective idea -  though I imagine quite a complicated installation challenge - was realised to good effect, with galvanised pipes protruding through holes in the ceiling to levitate tantilisingly just above the wooden floor.

If you'd like to see this show - and you really should because that second image gives NO idea of what it feels like to be in that room -  there's only one more day: tomorrow, Saturday 18th 12 - 4pm. See here for more information.