It's a stick up

Behind the scenes

Game, as they say, on.


If you've visited our Burster Flipper Wobbler Dripper Spinner Stacker Shaker Maker show at ArtBox, it's entirely possible you've taken one of our activity kits home 'for the kids'. They offer the chance to engage further with the works in the show, including the intriguing animated drawings made by Mark Braunias and Jill Kennedy, with a soundtrack of whirrs, clicks, whooshes and bleeps by John Payne. If you found the page where you can rearrange stickers inspired by the animations too hard to resist, don't worry; you're in excellent company. The image below hit my email inbox recently - we sent Mark Braunias some kits and he's made his own version. In an interview for the show, Mark said of the works in Burster: 'I wanted my organic abstractions to abstract. To unpack themselves and put abstraction to work. It always seems to just sit there in its well-made modernist way. So I wanted to make it do something.' If you want to have a go – and it has to be said there are a few versions appearing in offices around the Christchurch Art Gallery building – borrow a kid for cover and come on down to the ArtBox.

Mark Braunias's sticker arrangement

Mark Braunias's sticker arrangement