Desert Noir coming our way

Behind the scenes

I thoroughly enjoyed seeing Canterbury lad James Milne (aka Lawrence Arabia, pictured) perform a sold out show at the Christchurch Arts festival last Saturday.


He delivered a fantastic two-part set, complete with a string quartet and his own able backing band (including the hilarious Tom Watson on trumpet, keys, guitar, and fine comedic form).

Anyway, tonight and tomorrow the Festival welcomes the almighty Calexico to Chch, and there are more than a few excited staff members around the gallery who quickly snapped up tickets.  While 'Feast of Wire' probably remains my favourite album, their latest 'Algiers' was very impressive, and I can't wait to finally see these guys live.  They're playing in the Fletchers Hub right next to where Michael Parakowhai's awesome bronze piano-topping bull is (temporarily) installed.  So, if you're going to Calexico (or any other Festival gigs) yourself, be sure to show your support for the Back the Bull campaign while you're there.