Populate! update #15 (wrapped)

Behind the scenes

You might look a little frowny too, if you'd just been covered in bubble wrap.


The amazingly sculpted face here belongs to Portrait of My Mother, a painting by Michael Smither that is also one of the most riveting in Christchurch Art Gallery's collection. In a few days time the wrapping will come off and she'll be hung in Christchurch's Re:Start Mall.


Or rather, an eye-fooling reproduction of her will be hung in Re:Start Mall. Well and truly sick of the fact that our (and by our I also mean yours) works can't come out for public display, we're doing the next-best thing and putting high-res copies of portraits from the collection out there in the wind and the rain.

With that extraordinary helmet and steely gaze, Michael's mother looks ready for the outing.

She'll be joined, across the next few months, by a host of famous and lesser-known collection faces. Ken previewed the campaign last week. Keep an eye on this website for news of new arrivals and the sites they'll be staring out from.