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Behind the scenes

We all have our favourites, but some words have that certain something that lifts them above the everyday. In the case of the Gallery, and maybe Christchurch in general, this one seems to carry a particularly welcome resonance.

Still life, NG space 20/12/2012

Still life, NG space 20/12/2012

It's possibly the product of a battle-worn, devil-may-care delirium, but here at Christchurch Art Gallery we are flying in the face of Mayan prophecies and cranking it up again, with the group exhibition Tricksters opening up at our first-floor space in the NG building. Featuring leg-pulling works by Matt Akehurst, Robert Hood and Wayne Youle, it's the last show in our year-long Rolling Maul series and, like all good endings, contains a few twists in the tail. Hope to see you there.