Behind the scenes

Our friends at Canterbury Museum reopened a couple of weeks ago having been closed since mid-April.

Nigerian Masks

Nigerian Masks

We know all about enforced closures (after a while the cabin fever sets in and they start to feel like forced enclosures). I'm sure the Museum are happy to have their doors open to the public again after a couple of months (which in itself doesn't seem so bad in comparison to our own plight).  Anyway, we've had a great long standing relationship with the Museum, who have been kind enough to lend us various items from their collection over the years.  The amazing woven cloak that greeted visitors to Brought To Light was especially generous, as were the Nigerian Masks loaned for the Collectors Eye (pictured above) and Blue Planet exhibitions.  There were also some fantastic pieces on loan in the Talisman show (below), representing many pacific locations - Rapa Nui, Kiribati, and Papau New Guinea amongst them - but all conveniently sourced from our good friends down the road.  Go see them now they are open again.