Behind the scenes

It's certainly not easy being closed, but if there is a bright side it's that we've had a chance to get on to some of those projects that have been previously relegated to a long 'to do' list.

A case in point is the photography of more than 150 items from the Gallery's small object store, which has just been completed courtesy of some dedicated work by our photographer, John Collie. Thanks to John and to the Gallery's librarian Tim Jones, these works can now be seen in all their glory on the Gallery website. It's an eclectic mix, ranging from three traditional terracotta lobster pots from Kurashiki in Japan, a wooden St Sebastian and a potted letter Y (yes, really) by David Turner, through to this rather lovely piece by Christchurch studio potter Gita Berzins.

Gita Berzins Erosion Form Pot 1983. Stoneware

Gita Berzins Erosion Form Pot 1983. Stoneware