Ronnie Van Hout - Comin' Down

Early on Tuesday 30 April 2013, ten days before our 10th Birthday, Christchurch icon Ronnie Van Hout met up with a couple of crane operators and the gallery team, to install a new artwork entitled Comin' Down, on the roof of 209 Tuam Street. It was such a beautiful morning; a great time to be on top one of the tallest remaining buildings in the city. Everything went according to plan... almost. 


Artist interview
Not Quite Human

Not Quite Human

Lara Strongman: The title of your new work for the Gallery is Quasi. Why did you call it that?

Ronnie van Hout: Initially it was a working title. Because the work would be outside the Gallery, on the roof, I was thinking of Quasimodo, from Victor Hugo’s The Hunchback of Notre-Dame. I was coming out of a show and research around the idea of the freak, the outsider and things that are rejected—thinking about how even things that are rejected have a relationship to whatever they’ve been rejected by. And I called it Quasi, because it’s a human form that’s not quite human as well. The idea of something that resembles a human but is not quite human.