Ani O'Neill shows you how to create a crochet crater

Ani O'Neill shows you how to create a crochet crater

In the Gallery exhibition Yellow Moon, Ani O’Neill is inviting visitors to take part in making this progressively changing work. Week by week, we’ll see a giant yellow moon in its different phases, its crocheted surface of craters in different tones and shades, pinned and tied beside each other to gradually light up its lunar surface.

‘Don’t worry’, she says, ‘absolute beginners can do this – with a little help.’ This video will show you how.

Visitors to Yellow Moon can make a crater using the wool and hooks provided (you can either follow the pattern or use your own), and we’ll add it to Ani’s artwork. Or if you’re watching this at home, you can also bring in craters you’ve made to the front desk downstairs and we’ll put them up for you.

Ani O’Neill is an artist of Cook Island (Ngāti Makea, Ngāti Te Tika) and Irish descent who has lived in New Zealand for many years and now is mainly based in Rarotonga.

Ani O’Neill Crater – Creator 2017. Wool and acrylic fibre. Courtesy of the artist