Woman's Art: An Exhibition of Six Women Artists

23 June – 25 July 1975

In conjunction with International Women's Year, featuring the art of Jane Arbuckle, Rhondda Bosworth, Joanne Hardy, Joanna Harris, Helen Rockel and Stephanie Sheehan.

This exhibition of Canterbury women artists was organised by the Gallery and was its contribution to International Women's Year.

Six women artists met together on several occasions to clarify their position in the arts and began to seek a new woman critique and expression in their art, drawing on resources from the feminist movement where it had radicalised the attitudes of woman artists.

The artists included four painters: Joanne Hardy, Helen Rockel, Stephanie Sheehan and Joanna Harris and two photographers: Jane Arbuckle and Rhondda Bosworth.

The response to the exhibition was good with moderate crowds. Auckland Art Gallery curator, Anne Kirker found the Robert McDougall Art Gallery exhibition less conventional than a similar exhibition staged in Auckland but which was drawn from Auckland Art Gallery's permanent collection.