William Matthew Hodgkins and His Circle

11 February – 23 March 1986

This is an exhibition toured by theDunedin Public Art Gallery to mark the Centennial of the Dunedin Public Art Gallery, October 1984.

The object of the exhibition is to examine, in some degree to re-examine, the activity and achievement of William Mathew Hodgkins. And because Hodgkins was not only a painter but also one who organised and encouraged other artists, it seeks to review the activities and achievements of his associates in two generations of New Zealand artists.

The lives and works of Hodgkins and nine other artists of his circle are reviewed individually in the excellent catalogue and works by John Gully, George O'Brien, Girolamo Pieri Nerli, Grace Joel, Frances Hodgkins, Isabel Field, John Halliday Scott, Laurence William Wilson, Alfred Henry O'Keefe and William Mathew Hodgkins are included in the exhibition.

This is an exhibition of great importance and interest and should not be missed.

('William Mathew Hodgkins and His Circle', Bulletin, No.43, January/February 1986, p.2)