Colloquim: Symposium

This exhibition is now closed

To complement and expand the themes of the exhibition Intervention, the Robert McDougall Art Gallery, in association with the University of Canterbury, will host a major international Symposium in Christchurch from 10 to 13 November 2000. Symposium 2000 will offer performances and presentations by a selection of top national and international artists, academics and art critics/writers. This interaction of perspectives and critical approaches to history will provoke challenging and lively debate and discussion over a four day period.

Unique to this conference will be a gathering of participants from this era, including expatriates Bruce Barber, Lita Barrie (Subject: Context, Nature and the context of Nature) and Nick Spill, their New Zealand colleagues, Billy Apple (Subject: the life of Barrie Bates), Phil Dadson, Andrew Drummond, Mary Morison (Subject: Post-human Pathology) and Peter Roche, as well as leading exponents of contemporary overseas art practice, Dr Charles Garoian and Carolee Schneemann.