Rudolf Gopas: Paintings for the Sun

This exhibition is now closed

Rudlof Gopas has been living in New Zealand for about twenty-five years since he first came to this country as a refugee from Lithuania. For many years he has been highly regarded as one of our major contemporary artists.

His work is essentially expressionist in style and it is some years now since his paintings evolved from realist subject matter to increasing simplification and abstraction. He still, however, regards himself as an observer and portrayer of reality. His recent work has been concerned with the observation and expression in paint of the universe.

As man in the twentieth century has been greatly concerned with the observation and exploration of outer space, Gopas' paintings are also concerned with this phenomenon. As a result, his work is on the very forefront of artistic interpretation and expression and this very ability to move forward is characteristics of his whole life's work.

His paintings are in no way intended to be pictorial illustrations. They are more in the way of visual experiences, to be provocative, thoughtful statements to be read and pondered over rather than passively contemplated.