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From April 11 to May 7, 1991 the McDougall Art Annex will be exhibiting recent work in mixed media by six young artists with strong ties to the Canterbury region. The exhibition, entitled Recognitions, aims to introduce the work of these emergent local artists to the wider audience of a public art institution.

The artists selected for inclusion in Recognitions – Marianna Bullmore, Shane Cotton, Séraphine Pick, Kim Pieters, David Reid and Peter Robinson – share a general concern with the "found". These artists work both with found imagery (imagery which already exists and may be transformed or redefined by a new approach) and with found objects (using unconventional materials to produce an artwork which is receptive to chance process).

Marianna Bullmore was born in London in 1962 and attended the School of Fine Arts at the University of Canterbury from 1981-83. She has painted murals throughout Christchurch and has exhibited locally at the James Paul Gallery and further afield at the Christopher Moore Gallery in Wellington and the Bath House Art Museum in Rotorua.

After graduating from the School of fine Arts at the University of Canterbury is 1988 Shane Cotton (Ngai Puhi) became the Wilkins & Davies Auckland Society of Arts Young Artist of the Year. He has exhibited at the Brooke Gifford Gallery in Christchurch, at the Last Decade Gallery in Wellington, and most recently at the National Art Gallery in Kohia ko Taikaka Anake, an exhibition of contemporary Maori art.

Séraphine Pick was born in Kawkawa in 1962. After graduating with a bachelor of Fine Arts in painting from the University of Canterbury in 1987, she travelled to Europe and studied works in public collections in Spain, France and Holland. Séraphine has exhibited in Christchurch, Nelson and Auckland. She held her first solo exhibition, Almost, but not Quite, at the C.S.A. Gallery in 1989.

Kim Pieters, born in 1959, has been painting for ten years. She has exhibited at the C.S.A. Gallery and the Arts Centre's Visitors Gallery in Christchurch, and at the New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts in Wellington. She states of her work: "My art is drawn from the play of the child or tribal mind, which more precisely involves tapping unconscious sources. What gets created is a distilled sense of the moment."

David Reid was born in Christchurch in 1960, and graduated from the School of Fine Arts at the University of Canterbury in 1983, receiving the Sawtel-Turner Award for Painting. He has exhibited extensively in Christchurch and in Auckland, where he now lives.

Peter Robinson (Ngai Tahu) graduated from the sculpture department of the Ilam School of Fine Arts in 1988. He has exhibited at the Last Decade Gallery in Wellington and in the Kohia ko Taikaka Anake exhibition at the National Art Gallery. He is currently teaching art at Christ's College.

Recognitions promises to be an exciting exhibition of work by an emerging group of Canterbury artists.

('Recognitions', Bulletin, No.73, April/May 1991, p.3)

This exhibition was held at the McDougall Art Annex in the Arts Centre.

  • Date:
    11 April – 7 May 1991
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