Recent Acquisitions 1989

This exhibition is now closed

Fifteen works recently acquired by the Robert McDougall Art Gallery were put on display in the South gallery. The works were:

Tena I Ruia (1987) by Robyn Kahukiwa

Southland Series II No.1 (1988) by Trevor Moffitt

Figure on Three Levels by Michael Armstrong

Untitled (Circa 1989) by Roger Hickin

Fruit Salad With Shirt And Cushions (1988) by Jane Zusters

Drought No. 1 by Sam Mahon

Sunday Morning (Circa 1939) by Russell Clark (this work was titled The Salvation, Army Recital on the original list of works exhibited) 

Headstrong (1987) by Clive Humpherys

Drying Hair (1988) by Grahame C. Sydney

Refuge Of The Moon (1987-1988) by Michael Reed

Back Street, St Ives (1910) by Owen Merton

Under the Piano (1987) by Peter Ransom (this work was titled Under the Table on the original list of works exhibited)

Kingslea Girl (1971) by Alan Pearson

Aldebaran Vacation (1987) by Patrick Hanly

Men In A Grain Store (Circa 1943) by Paul Olds