Paul Johnson: Land Marks

24 November – 17 December 1989

Recent work by Wanganui artist Paul Johnson has involved various discipline and media centres on figure/land relationships. The exhibition Land Marks continues this inquiry into land and figure relationships narrated in photography, clay, steel and paint. Two series of drawings in paint, pencil. charcoal and pastel precede and follow the sculptures.

Johnson says that the emerging images initiate 'something else'; nothing is known – only recognised. A random cycle of gesture and consequence, response and gesture is created encompassing overlapping marks, overlaying forms and related images. Elements of Land, Figure, Time and the Grid are explored with landscape art becoming an activity and figuration the idea.

('Paul Johnson: Land Marks', Bulletin, No.66, December 1989/January 1990, p.5)

This exhibition was held at the McDougall Art Annex.