Joanna Braithwaite: Lizard Lounge

10 May – 30 November 2013

A charismatic, unsettling and persuasively human portrait by Joanna Braithwaite

Joanna Braithwaite's deadpan revisions of traditional society portraits deftly undermine any smug delusions we may harbour about separation from our fellow animals. The louche lace monitors of Lizard Lounge strike persuasively human poses with a confidence that is at once charismatic and unsettling. The startling 'wrongness' of Braithwaite's painting is balanced by small details that convincingly establish character; the crossed legs, the slouching paunches, the casual grip on a banded tail or an ornate pipe. It's an absurd, but highly seductive conceit – as long as you don't think about the sound those tails would make slithering over the furniture.