Chain Reaction

This exhibition is now closed

'Chain Reaction' introduces a novel idea in exhibition curation. The first artist in the exhibition was approached by the McDougall Art Gallery and from there the hair progressed with each artist being asked to invite another to participate: the first artist inviting the second, the second inviting a third and so on until a total of five artists was reached.

Each artist was free to ask the artist of their choice; the only restriction being that the artist must be living in the Canterbury region. Artists working in a variety of different media were thus able to take part.

Through placing the development of 'Chain Reaction' in the artist's hands, as opposed to the curator's, this group show has progressed freely, with various similarities and disparities consequential of this 'Chain Reaction'.

The five participating artists are Gail Wright, Bronwyn Taylor, Cathryn Shine, Nigel Buxton and Sally Hope.

This exhibition was held at the McDougall Art Annex.

('Chain Reaction', Bulletin, No.62, March/April 1989, p.5)