Neil Dawson: Seascape

Neil Dawson: Seascape


Past event

Meet in the exhibition


Join artist Neil Dawson as he discusses his work Seascape, currently on display in the exhibition Die Cuts and Derivations.

Neil Dawson spent many hours at the top of Clifton Hill above the coastal village of Ōhikaparuparu Sumner, observing the reflections and shadows cast by sailboats and their mooring lines over the estuary’s still waters. Seascape is a sculptural drawing in space, and transforms that familiar panorama into something unexpectedly captivating. The suspended mesh cones – each with a tiny boat at its centre – echo the pools of light that changed colour and intensity across the day. Dawson, who had spent several years making toys for his young son, knew how simple but recognisable forms can let our imaginations take flight.