Games Day: Summer Holidays Board-games session

Games Day: Summer Holidays Board-games session


Past event

Bayleys Knight Frank Foyer


If you are into board games already, or are keen to explore strategy and cooperative games (think Catan, Risk, Pandemic, chess, Scrabble, Monopoly...), come and be victorious in our peer-led games session for intermediate and high-school-age people who are at schools still on holiday. (There are some of you out there...)

Learn some new games or play favourites – and feel free to being your own games if you want to teach others or get some new competition and collaborators. No experience necessary.

10am-4pm. Bring lunch!

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Note: The date of this session has been put back a day. It was swapped with the Dungeons and Dragons session that was scheduled for 30 January and is now on 29 January.