David Garcia: Rippling Back to the Future

David Garcia: Rippling Back to the Future


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Mapmaker David Garcia (he/they) reflects on, responds to, and refracts the work of Salote Tawale.

David will present on indigeneity, time, space, and contemporary mapmaking from his positionality as Filipino and material from his doctoral dissertation on the sociotechnical nature of digital mapping. Furthermore, he is on a journey of connecting with his Pacific relations in the contemporary context while critically and carefully considering the intellectual and emotional issues that such a journey involves during diaspora and exile. David makes and shares different kinds of maps through notes, data visualisation, tweets, story, analysis, food, lists, and poetry.

David (he/they) is a mapmaker and his people are Kapampangan and Tagalog, both Austronesian-speaking peoples in the Philippines and beyond. At present, mapmakerdavid is a digital geographer working on climate change projects in the Centre for Pacific Studies at the University of Canterbury. For David, the boat and the Ocean are the centre of the Universe.