Jacques Callot

France, b.1592, d.1635

La roue

The wheel
  • 1633
  • Etching
  • Gifted to the Gallery by Mr Gordon Brown, 1999
  • 82 x 186mm
  • 99/87

In 1633, Louis XIII’s France invaded the Duchy of Lorraine, ravaging its capital Nancy and the surrounding countryside. Callot was born in Nancy, and published his eighteen etching series The Miseries and Misfortunes of War later that year in response to these shocking events.

(Out of Time, 23 September 2023 – 28 April 2024)

The text beneath the image reads

L’oeil tousiours surveillant de la divine Astrée

Bannit entièrement le dueil d’une contrée

Lors que tenant l’Espée et la Balance en main

Elle iuge et punit le voleur inhumain

Qui guette les paysans les meurtit et s’en ioüe

Puis luy mesme deviant le joüet d’une roüe

The ever watchful eye of divine Astrée [i.e. Justice] completely banishes mourning from a region when, with sword and scales in hand, she judges and punishes the inhuman thief who lies in wait for peasants, murders them and toys with them, then himself becomes the plaything of the wheel.

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