Petrus van der Velden

Netherlands / Aotearoa New Zealand / Australia, b.1837, d.1913

Women Working In The Fields

  • Pencil
  • Presented by the family of A. F. Nicoll, 1960
  • 135 x 315mm
  • 89/60

Quadrant: Four themes of Petrus van der Velden, 20 October 2006 – 25 March 2007

Although the setting is different in this drawing, Van der Velden has used the same figures from the painting Gathering Beet, Village of Rijnsburg but viewed from a different angle. The kneeling figure collecting beet into baskets also appears in the oil painting, as does the figure bent over collecting beet into her apron. This tracing drawing is derived from an original study, and has been carefully squared-up allowing the artist to accurately transfer the image to a larger scale required for his oil paintings. Transfer drawings such as this played an important role in the development of Van der Velden’s paintings.

Exhibition History