Paul Envalds

Finland, b.1945


  • 1972
  • Stoneware
  • Purchased, 1976
  • 238 x 375 x 297mm
  • 79/384

While much of the ceramic ware produced by Studio Arabia has a practical, domestic focus, this sculptural work reflects an important principal by which the company operates: “The artist shall enjoy full freedom to develop individuality within the boundaries of technical possibilities.” Studio Arabia has employed full-time ceramic artists since 1932. It is the only ceramic enterprise in Finland, which is not surprising, given that the geology of the country is mainly granite and most raw materials have to be imported. The Arabia factory was set up in 1873 by the Swedish company Rörstrand in order to take advantage of the Russian market. Within a few years the factory was producing half of Finland’s total ceramics output. Their range expanded to include art pottery, domestic and utility wares, tiles and bricks. During the First World War Studio Arabia passed into Finnish ownership and by the outbreak of the Second World War its output of porcelain products was larger than any other producer in Europe.