Lawrence Ewing

Aotearoa New Zealand, b.1939

Trinket Box

  • Stoneware
  • Purchased, 1975
  • 43 x 97mm
  • 75/64

This beautifully-realised trinket box shows Lawrence Ewing’s ability to meld form, colour and glaze into a unified and totally integrated whole. Like much of his work, it also shows Ewing’s interest in the development of surface texture and visual appeal through the application of glazing. Here, the orange and white glazing is patterned with a deliberately induced fine crazing (the cracking of the glaze is due to the body and the glaze cooling at different rates). Ewing has developed his own distinctive style, based around an extension of the cylindrical form. Ewing began making pottery in 1972, after working as a primary school teacher. He was accepted as a member of the New Zealand Society of Potters in 1973 and in the following year began working as a full-time artist from his home in Cust, North Canterbury. Ewing has held several solo exhibitions in public galleries and his work has been bought by the New Zealand Government for display in New Zealand embassies overseas.

Exhibition History