Milan Mrkusich

Aotearoa New Zealand, b.1925, d.2018

Painting (Four Circles), 1973

  • 1973
  • acrylic on hardboard
  • Purchased, 1974
  • Reproduced with permission
  • 915 x 609mm
  • 74/77

The late 1960s and 1970s saw the rise of dealer galleries throughout the country, which signalled a more professional approach to the arts in New Zealand. Muir bought several works from Wellington dealer Peter McLeavey, including Painting (Four Circles), 1973 by renowned Auckland abstract painter Milan Mrkusich in 1974. In this work, precisely painted circles and corner triangles provide a sense of order alongside the looser fields of colour. In 1976 Mrkusich elucidated his thoughts on art: I think all art, if it’s to have values, has to have universal values. And what these universal values are is difficult to put into words. I think maybe that the work of art gives us some inklings as to a sublime feeling, and it’s a romantic thing. It’s the idea that God is in nature, because even though these works are not like nature, they are like nature.

(1969 Comeback Special 27 August – 6 November 2016)

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