Fatu Feu’u

Samoa / Aotearoa New Zealand, b.1946
Samoan, Pasifika

Lapita – Green

  • 2010
  • Woodcut
  • Purchased 2019
  • 750 x 525mm
  • 2019/033

Fatu Feu'u was born in the village of Poutasi on Upolu Island in Samoa and immigrated to Aotearoa New Zealand in 1966. Encouraged by artists Tony Fomison and Llewellyn Summers, Feu'u became a painter and was one of the first Pasifika/Polynesian artists to establish a career here.This woodcut print relates to Feu'u’s knowledge of ancestral migrations by the Lapita people, and their decorated ceramics which date back 3000 years and are dispersed throughout the Pacific. It is one of a series of three works that reference the Koné region and Green Island in New Caledonia, as well as Mulifanua, a village on the north-west tip of Upolu.

(Te Wheke, 2020)

Exhibition History