Gregor Kregar

Aotearoa New Zealand / Slovenia, b.1972

Reflective Lullaby (Robert)

  • Purchased, 2014
  • Stainless steel (316 BA marine grade, mirror polish)
  • 3030 x 1110 x 990mm
  • 2014/034
  • 2013


Artist interview
Gregor Kregar: Reflective Lullaby

Gregor Kregar: Reflective Lullaby

Justin Paton: As everyone who has seen your works at Christchurch Airport will know, you often make big sculptures with a geometric quality. Gnomes, however large, aren't the first things viewers might expect you to be interested in. What's the appeal of these figures for you?
Gregor Kregar: I'm interested reinterpreting mundane objects, shapes, situations or materials. In my large geometric works I do this by creating complex structures out of basic shapes—triangles, squares, pentagons and hexagons. And with the gnomes I am interested in how something that is usually made out of plastic or concrete and is associated with a low, kitsch aesthetic can be transformed into an arresting monumental sculpture.

I will not use gnome puns

I will not use gnome puns

Two 8-foot mirror finished steel gnomes in climbing harnesses are spectacle enough without the need for word play.