Joanna Margaret Paul

Aotearoa New Zealand, b.1945, d.2003


  • Presented by Alan Loney, 2009
  • Mixed media
  • 297 x 210mm
  • 2009/032
  • 1996

Joanna Paul once described herself as ‘aggressively in support of the minor’ and as an artist and poet she operated deliberately on the margins between the domestic and the artistic. UNPACKING the BODY reworks an earlier installation and self-published book, Unwrapping the Body (1977), which was made in response to the death of Paul’s infant daughter, Imogen. Swathed in a baby’s muslin wrap, it is an annotated etymological inventory of words connected to the human body. Bodies are ubiquitous, but they are also singular, and it is clear that what is represented here is something particular, private and irreplaceable. (Brought to light, November 2009)