Youngae Kim

South Korea / Aotearoa New Zealand, b.1958


  • 2002
  • Collagraph
  • Purchased, 2003
  • Reproduced with permission
  • 975 x 660mm
  • 2003/39
earlier labels about this work
  • This work is from a series of collagraph prints first shown in the exhibition "Dormus, Sources of Shelter' held at the Chosun Gallery, Seoul, in 2002. In this series the artist explores the notion of housing and shelter and the materials used in housing construction. Kim began collecting and manipulating discarded building materials, or the 'bones' of houses, in particular looking at what underlies various surfaces. Objects used include wooden slates found in the lathe and plaster walls of older style houses, In this work Kim's minimalist approach is seen in the ordered, vertical arrangement of the wooden states combined with her use of the random, unaltered surfaces of the timber's natural grain and sawmiller's marks. Her minimalist style is further enhanced through the use of subdued tones in the finished prints. In this series the artist has assembled wooden slats directly onto printmaking plates from which her prints have been pulled and incorporates both the relief and intaglio processes.