Virtual retail therapy


The Gallery is again almost unrecognisable in places - its every nook and cranny now filled with temporary workstations manned by volunteers in hi vis vests, USAR teams refueling on coffee and Powerade between sorties out into the 'red zone', news crews waiting for briefings from politicians or glimpses of princes.

And on the top floor, the Gallery's own staff are busily looking after the collection, restoring order and developing plans for our future. With Civil Defence using the majority of our office space, we are sharing a few small offices - hot-desking apparently. Although that sounds a lot more fun than it actually is.

But downstairs there is a strange little window of normality. At the side of the foyer, look through the glass and, hemmed in by desks, lists, laptops and whiteboards, the Gallery's new shop manager Ray Welsh and his staff are working away. Unfortunately we can't let the public in, but via this website we can let stock out. Feel free to click in and have a browse. 

A poster wrapped and ready to be dispatched

A poster wrapped and ready to be dispatched